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New and improved for 2013!

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  • Health wheel
  • Journey
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  • The Quit Kit

    The Quit Kit is a box of practical tools and advice developed with experts, smokers and ex-smokers, which has helped thousands of smokers quit successfully.

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  • Get ready

    The Quit Kit will help you prepare for a quit attempt. You can do a quick quiz to test your level of addiction, and get useful tips on how to boost your willpower. It will help you think about your reasons for quitting and recognise the triggers that make you crave cigarettes, improving your chances of quitting successfully.

  • Keep motivated

    The first few weeks without smoking can be the hardest. The Quit Kit provides the facts about the different options available to help you quit. The health and wealth wheel will help keep you motivated by showing you the difference quitting is making to your body and bank balance.

  • Keep going!

    The Quit Kit will help you track your progress with a step by step calendar to keep you motivated through the first 28 days of quitting.

  • Distract yourself

    Keep your hands and mind busy with the Smokefree stress toy.

  • Support on the go

    Information is provided about the range of mobile support services available from NHS Smokefree, including the mobile version of the website, text support and an app.